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Meet Molly and Ashlee

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We think you are incredibly brave and strong, and we don’t even know you yet. Bringing your child into this world is an offering of love. We are honored, grateful, and humbled to even be considered to come along on this journey with you. Thank you for considering giving us this gift. We hope we can give a gift right back by giving your child a home full of unconditional love.

Our biggest hope and prayer is that your baby will feel completely authentic to themselves and grow up in a space that feels safe to be exactly who God created them to be. We don’t take this lightly. Should you choose us, we will take your baby on trips and show them just how big this world really is. We will set an example of open mindness and celebrate differences. We will give them the tools they will need when facing a difficult time and walk right beside them through it all.

We will share our love of music, family, and community. We will raise them in a home where they will be aware of God and our love for and acknowledgement of a higher power. They will learn how to cook with Ashlee and play guitar with Molly. They will have three dogs that will protect them and be loyal to them. They will absolutely feel love in our home, they will feel safe in our home, and they will be adored by us all.