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Hello mom,

I truly don’t have the words to express my gratitude and my awe of your courage and your selflessness. You alone are providing another family with such an amazing gift and my heart aches for what you might be feeling and how this must feel. I pray daily for my child’s mother and what she might be facing each day. I ask that Our Father will guide her in her decisions, give her wisdom, and bring her Overwhelming comfort and peace during this time in her life. I, myself, just want to thank you and ask for your forgiveness because I do not know the right words to say. All I can say is...Know that we will love your child with everything that is in us. Know that we will teach him/her to be a strong, compassionate individual who finds joy in life. Know that we will surround him/her with people who love him/her and encourage and support him/her. Know that we will do our very best to give your child a home that is filled with joy, love, fun, and faith. Thank you for taking the time to hear a little bit of our hearts and we look forward to meeting you.

God bless,

Brandon and Erin