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Dear Birth Parent(s),

We would like to take a moment to recognize what an amazing and difficult decision you are making, likely filled with so much emotion. While we are not able to understand all that you must be feeling right now, the incredible honor of being considered as a potential match is not lost on us. We would also like to acknowledge this space and the value of being able to understand what the child’s life will look like as they grow. We hope this snapshot helps paint a picture for you. We write form our hearts with tremendous love and respect. Above all, we are looking forward to helping a child grow into a happy, healthy, and fulfilled person.

Everyone is an individual; while we know that they will grow to be their own person we plan to use our different strengths and backgrounds to provide as many different experiences as possible. We want to create a childhood similar to the ones we were both fortunate enough to have. We are looking forward to them being curious about the world around them and guiding them into adulthood with life skills, support, love, and unending encouragement. A few of the ways we plan to help them develop are:

Family meals at the table every night (Erin only got out of these dinners if her high school softball game went into overtime and Lona sat at the table even when her dad was deployed to Iraq). We believe shared meals are a great time for families to connect and make memories. We want to uphold this tradition as we welcome a little one into our home.

Demonstrating that education is important. We both have Master’s degrees and understand the value of learning both in school, outside on the playground, while attending a concert, or wherever we happen to be! We are fully invested in developing a well rounded person and believe that curiosity and inquiry go a long way.

Family time with both of our families. We want our child to be surrounded by love, laughter, games, and ridiculousness! We are lucky to have a diverse family (in our immediate families people come from Haiti, Africa, Cambodia, and the East Coast of the US) who are all excited to welcome a little person into the mix. Holiday gatherings and Sunday dinners will be a part of the child's life from day one.

Camping and travel. A visit to Flagstaff on the weekends, ski trips, farmers markets, dance recitals, hiking, museums, and cozy family movie nights. We are really looking forward to sharing the world around us with someone who is experiencing so many things for the very first time. We are an active and upbeat couple that sincerely enjoys getting out-and-about in our community.

Grocery shopping; we know it’s boring(!) but life skills are essential including self-care, household responsibilities, and an overall practice of learning how to take care of themselves as they grow into adulthood.

Above all, we wish for this child to be themselves and to fully celebrate the life we have ALL given them. Their birth story will be shared with open honest conversation and the utmost respect and grace. For the gift of life, and the gift of growing our family, we thank you for considering us.