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Hello Mama,

We are Amanda and Jen from Alaska and we cannot wait to share this experience with you. Family is the core of who we are and we want you to know that you are family to us. With so much love and open hearts we welcome you and your child into our family.

The basics: We have been together for over 10 years and married for almost four years. We have spent the bulk of that time preparing to become mothers. We have owned our house for almost eight years now and have put a lot of hard work into remodeling it ourselves. We both have very stable employment even in these uncertain times. We have great credit scores and great retirement accounts for later in life. We are planners and have made sure to be able to provide for our family now and in the future.

Our wedding story: We were married in August of 2016 by a dear friend in front of immediate family. We had our ceremony outside in the wind and light rain and I wouldn’t change that for anything. We then had our wedding in 2018 with all of our friends and extended family in the mountains at a ski lodge. The ceremony was moved indoors due to wind and rain but we made it work. We had a taco bar buffet, live music and Amanda’s sister sang the song for our first dance. Alaska proves to make for exciting events as a black bear decided to come check things out during the reception. Our family and friends that traveled from out of state were awe struck by the “cute” bear. Amanda’s father gave an amazing toast with the ultimate message being “all you need is love” and that is the moto we live by.

The fun: We LOVE to go camping and fishing! Alaska is an amazing state for the outdoors and that is what we focus on in the summers. Hiking, camping, fishing and grilling out with family and friends is the bulk of our summer. We enjoy taking the dogs out hiking and to the lake to swim. We love to be out in the yard planting, mowing, landscaping and having the nieces and nephews over to play in the sprinkler. The winter is more for snuggling up inside, doing puzzles, reading and family game nights. There are awesome sledding hills close by and nothing beats a white Christmas. Amanda’s parents host Christmas every year and all of us in Alaska spend the day together. The have so much joy having their kids and the grandkids all together. It really means the world to them and all of us to have this tradition. We host a holiday baking party every year. The family comes over for two days and we make a ton of cookies and goodies while watching classic holiday movies.

Location: Between our families we cover many states including Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, the Carolinas, Washington, California and Massachusetts. We love to travel to visit our family and reconnect as often as we can. We do plan on moving to the Midwest in the future but Alaska will always be home to us. Until we know where life will take us we are staying put and enjoying the vastness of Alaska. It may seem like a world away but it is really one of the most amazing places in the country and we hope that you would visit and bask in all of its beauty.

Amanda: I have lived in Alaska since high school but grew up in Washington State. The mountains have been as big a part of my life as anything. My biggest love is sports though. In the winter its football, basketball and I’m learning all about hockey these days since Seattle is finally getting and NHL team. In the spring it is all baseball though. My dream is to play catch everyday with my child(ren) and teach them about the best game there is. I hope to share this love of sports with my little one(s) but by no means will force this on them. I love a good book, crossword puzzles, board games and puzzles. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying out new things all the time but love baking more than cooking. I have recently decided to take up running and have found it to be hard but so motivating and a great way to relax. The running itself isn’t relaxing yet but once I get done with a run I feel amazing. I’m hoping to maybe work my way up to training for a half marathon.

Jen: I grew up in Wisconsin, lived all over the place and then settled in Alaska about 15 years ago. I have dipped my toes in many trades but learned carpentry from my dad. This is both a hobby of mine and a great skill to have. I have remodeled our house from top to bottom and helped with projects throughout the family. My brother-in-law’s new fence was a challenge but helping family is what it’s all about. I geek out on the stock market and have a great knack in the finance world. I love to dive into the research aspect of the different stocks and dabble a bit into the trade. Researching is a big hobby of mine in general. When there is something that interests me I want to know as much as I can so I dive into the topic and just love to learn. I love podcasts, movies, tinkering around in the garage siting down and beating Amanda at strategy based board games. I love puzzles but pretty sure Amanda has developed an addiction to them because of me. I cannot wait to teach our child(ren) all about the basic skills we need in life to be self-sufficient and successful. It will be a bit before I let them learn on all the power tools but cannot wait to have a mini me to assist in the projects.

Our Hearts: Love is felt, shown, observed, lived, expressed and shared. As women, sisters, aunts, friends, a same-sex couple and a family that welcomes all of the different diversity in our family and friends, we have been blessed to experiences all of these form of love. We cherish all people that come in and out of our lives and know that we are shaped by these people. The ones who raised us, the ones we played with as kids, went to school with, work with and the ones that made a quick appearance in our lives.

We know that we will not be the right fit for all mothers who are making an adoption plan. We hope that for every mother that reads our story we have placed our love into your heart. We hope we have made positive impact on you in some way and you know there are so many families out there ready to welcome you. We are blessed that people out there are reading our story and when our expectant mother reads about us we want you to know that our love extends to you and your family. We want to build a relationship with you at the level you are comfortable with. We want to be open and honest with you at all times and will be here for you.