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Dear Expectant Mom/Family,

Our names are Julie and Tony. Thank you for considering us on your journey to finding a perfect family for your baby. We are honored! We are writing to give you a glimpse of our lives. Tony and I are hopeful and waiting to be parents in Westchester County, NY. We met and fell in love while teaching in New York City.

Tony is thoughtful and reserved. He observes the world around him and appreciates everything about it. He has taught me to slow down and take everything in. Tony is also really funny, his humor is dry and witty. He keeps us in a fun mood constantly. He is interested in politics, sailing, and loves basketball. He has played since grade school and was captain of his college team.

​Julie is chatty and crafty. She spends her time singing along to musicals (she's actually good!) and attempting one Youtube craft after another. She has a large tight-knit family and a core group of cousins she loves to spend time with. She's taught me to take risks and go on adventures. Julie learned how to kayak on the Hudson River a few years back and goes back every month, even in winter!

We have two dogs, Jelly and Mabel, and a cat, Tillie. We call this little pack, "our girls". We love and spoil them with toys and attention. They travel with us to our family lakehouse every summer and they're showered with attention and too many treats by our friends and family. They will be a kid's best friends. We imagine our girls and our baby romping around in our backyard, building a bond, and making memories. We came to adoption after several years of infertility. Eventually, after putting her body through the wringer, Julie looked up at me and said "our baby is out there somewhere. We're going to be parents". We want to be parents. That is the ultimate goal. Adoption is not a second choice, it is our road to making our family.

Our hearts are so full of love, it spills over! We love to document everyday experiences and would be open to sharing updates and milestones with you! We are open to as much or as little communication as you would be comfortable with. Our priority is to follow your lead and your adoption plan. If you are comfortable meeting us, it would be a pleasure to meet with you to let you know how much you mean to us. We have been praying for you for years. We want you to know how incredibly special you are as an expectant mother/family, and as an individual!

With all of our Love,

Julie and Tony

(and Jelly, Mabel &Tillie)