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To Someone Special,

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile book and for considering me as the parent for your child. I recognize and appreciate the sacrifice and strength this decision requires and I understand it will not be an easy choice to make.

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Mandy and I am 38 years old. I grew up in Michigan and moved to Tennessee in 2015. I have two cats and two dogs, all of whom get along great with kids.

I was raised in a very loving Christian home where I was taught high morals and values. My family and I are very close. They still reside in Michigan, but they visit me in Tennessee often and they will eventually be moving down here permanently. I have a sister with Downs syndrome who is 16 months younger than me, who I have helped care for her since I was a child. I have been around children all of my life and have always dreamed of starting a family of my own. I am not currently married, but I am open to marriage.

I work at a University as a Program Assistant, and I’m fortunate to have a job that recognizes and appreciates my strong work ethic. I work from 8-5 Monday-Friday, which is very nice when planning for a family because it allows me the flexibility to be home and have dinner with my child every night and read him or her a story before bedtime too. My job is very accommodating, flexible, and understanding of a work/life balance and I plan on staying home with a child in the beginning. Upon returning to work, I will enroll him or her in a licensed daycare in my neighborhood, church, or community.

I enjoy being involved in church activities and have served as both a youth director and a vacation Bible school teaching assistant. Some of my other interests include entertaining friends and family, cooking, traveling, bowling, going to movies, dining out, attending concerts, taking walks, riding my bike, and especially going to the zoo. My favorite place to travel is to the beach because I love the warmth and sun. I look forward to traveling to many new places as a mama and seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

Family and friends tell me that I have a big heart for others. I have been a foster parent for over two years and have had a few placements as well as provided respite care during that time. I have also cooked meals for the homeless. Compassion for others is a trait that I am eager to instill in my child.

I have been financially blessed and will be able to provide many opportunities for a child. I have recently purchased my third home since only having lived in Tennessee for a little over four years. This home is a three-bedroom ranch style house with excellent schools, lots of children in the neighborhood, and even a playground nearby. I have a huge back yard, with lots of room for children to play, and it is great for family BBQs. My home also has a wonderful nursery set up, which I hope to fill soon with the sounds of laughter and joy that only a child can bring.

I want you to know that I will be transparent with my child about his or her adoption story. I will explain the story to him or her using age-appropriate terminology. My child will always know that they are very special because they have two mommies, one who grew them in her tummy and another who grew them in her heart, which means twice the love. Not only does this mean twice the love, but twice the family and friends to be a part of the child’s life.

My mother and father long to be grandparents, and there are also many friends and family who are praying and cheering me on during this adoption journey. Although I may be single, I am very independent and I have already started building a network of other moms and families in my church, community, and neighborhood for support and social interaction for both a child and myself.

I realize that this is a very important decision for you and I thank you again for considering me. If you choose me, I promise to provide a stable, safe, loving, and nurturing home filled with love and laughter for this child. I promise to give our child a lifetime of unconditional love and support. I truly look forward to developing an open and honest relationship with you and I can't wait to begin this journey together!

Most Sincerely,