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To Someone Special,

Promises from Us to You

We are so grateful that you are considering us to become a part of your story. Should we be the family that you choose, we promise to:

- Love your child unconditionally, that is, without reservation.

- Encourage, trust and respect your child for who they are and who they will become. As we build a family, we will create a home that is filled with laughter, learning and compassion.

- Raise your child in a community of loving and supportive family and friends.

- Work together. With you, with our children, with their teachers, and with anyone else who is part of the team helping to shape these young people. When our children treat each other with kindness and respect, we all benefit. Therefore, it is in the best interest of our children and ourselves to work together. When you come to us with concerns, we promise to do our best to listen, to be open minded, to not get defensive, and to work together with you for our child. We promise to remember that we are the same.