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We know you must be on a roller coaster of emotions right now, so thank you for taking a chance on getting to know us. Adoption has always been the plan for us and we are right on that roller coaster with you!

Let us begin by telling you that whether you choose adoption or choose to parent, we know it's not an easy decision to make. Our first priority is making sure that our adoption process is comfortable for all involved. Through this page, hopefully you will see that we have strong family values. We have been participating in adoption groups to learn about how adoption may affect adoptees as well as their families and believe this will help us on our journey. Though we are comfortable to both open and closed adoptions, we believe that keeping open communication with you is what would be best for a child. Best of luck to you on your journey and thank you for considering us :)

If you would like a more detailed look at our daily lives, check out our Facebook page: Erin & Andrew Hope to Adopt.