Meet Peggy and Bobby

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About Peggy

Peggy is 33 years old and being a wife and a mother is the most wonderful job in the world! Other than her mom and wife job, Peggy is a teacher who has wanted to be a teacher from a very young age! She loves educating children and her students are incredibly important to her!

Family is number one to Peggy, and she will do anything for them. She loves to do fun activities with her son, from painting, coloring, holiday crafts, she tries to fill up every moment of every day! If we're not home doing something fun we are out exploring, from the playground to the library, to even just a fun trip to the mall! Spending time with family is her favorite thing!

Anyone who knows Peggy knows that she is a Disney enthusiast who loves visiting Disney as well as having a Disney filled home. She has visited Disney many times in her life, and loves bringing her family there with her!

Dancing and fitness are important to Peggy. If a song comes on, you can absolutely find Peggy dancing and singing to it (although you may want to cover your ears!).

Besides Peggy's family, her friends are incredibly important. She loves spending time with them and being there for them, and helping them in any way she can!

Peggy herself is adopted, so adopting is near and dear to her, and she feels she can provide a loving family to a child, just as her parents did for her.