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Meet Andrea and Matthew

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Hi! Welcome to the adventurous life of Matt & Andrea! We see life as an adventure and CANNOT wait to show our child all the beautiful things in the world around us and how fun and amazing life can be.

Early in our marriage we talked and dreamed about adopting a child as well as having biological children. Little did we know that God would bring adoption into our story much sooner than we expected. We learned that we have very extreme and rare infertility issues, so we have taken the steps to grow our family and share our love through adoption now! We are so excited to welcome a baby into our family. We will love and nurture whatever child God brings into our home.

Faith has always been a central part of our lives, beginning with growing up in Christian homes with strong moral values. We attend church regularly and have made many friends in our bible study who are very happy and excited to see us grow our family through adoption.

Both of us were born and raised in Southern California. As a married couple, we have lived in a few states. While we originally moved due to circumstances with our jobs, we have fallen in love with Colorado and have decided to make it our permanent home. We love the outdoors, so the community that we live in is perfect for us as there are many parks, playgrounds, and walking/hiking trails nearby.

Professionally, Matt works from home in Human Recourses and Andrea works from home as well running her own business teaching music lessons. We both have very flexible schedules and love it!

In our free time, we like to be active. Matt’s interest range from sports, to fixing cars to cooking. Andrea loves getting together with her friends, spending time with her family, gardening, and live music.

We want you to know that we are open to whatever amount of contact is comfortable for you, as much or as little as you would like. We will respect whatever decision you make and also understand the relationship may change over time as well.

Our hope is that you see beyond the words of this letter and hear our hearts.The one thing we have in common is that you and I want nothing but the best for this little one and will love them to the moon and back. No matter what decisions you make, we will be praying for you.

Matt & Andrea