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Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We cannot fathom how difficult this decision must be for you. Deciding if you should place your child for adoption, and if so, what family do you place them with? We are humbled by your selfless love for your child and honored that you are even considering us. We are by no means perfect people, but if you choose us to raise your child, we will do our best to raise them well and to make you proud.

If you choose to place your child with us, we promise that we will do our best to raise them in the Christian faith, love and teach them, and make sure that they understand the loving and selfless decision that you are making. We would prefer to have an open adoption, if you are ok with that, so that your child can get to know you as they grow up and you can get to know your child, but are flexible if that is not your desire or if you would find having an open adoption too difficult.

If you place your child with us, we have many fun things we would hope to do with them as they grow up. We would like to go on camping trips, go swimming at beaches, and go hiking. We would like to go for bike rides, play board games, and build a play fort in the backyard. We would like to read bedtime stories, pray with them before bed, take them to church on a weekly basis and get them involved in the kids programs there. We would like to take them hunting, if they would want to. We would like to allow some T.V. time, movies, and video games, but would like to keep that time limited when they are younger and to encourage imagination, outdoor play, and time with friends and family. Katie will be a stay-at-home mom and hopes to find a mom's group to join (there is a local MOPS), visit library story times, etc. We hope that you will choose to join us in these activities from time to time, but understand if you choose not to. We hope to give your child a lot of love and a safe, stable environment including involved parents and many friends and family members who love and care about them deeply and will pray for them regularly.

We promise you that we will not be perfect, nor will we pretend to be. We teach your child to deal with conflict well not only by guiding them through the process, but by modeling it for them in our own relationship. We will teach them to be honest even in their shortcomings not only by teaching them with words, but by modeling it for them. We will teach them that it's ok to not be perfect, and how to be forgiving towards others in their imperfections.

If you want to talk to us and ask any questions, feel free to do so via the 'connect' link on this page (left side on computer, or under 'learn more' on mobile). We would love to get to know you, even if you end up choosing to parent or decide that we are not a good fit for you and your child in the end. We understand that this is not an easy decision and don't expect you to make it quickly! If you are local, our agency, Catholic Charities of Green Bay, offers free counseling if you would be interested, and they can also help you to find resources to help you with your pregnancy or if you just need a little extra help to be able to parent.

We are praying for you and your decision.

With love,

Katie and Andrew