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Our Prayer for You:

Dear God, We pray that You would wrap your loving arms around the woman reading this. We know that she has a difficult decision to make and we can only imagine the many emotions she is experiencing at this time. Please comfort her and guide her. We also ask that You would bless this pregnancy and provide for her health and for the health of this child.

God, we pray that, as she looks through our profile, she is able to see a glimpse of who we are and our deep desire to grow our family through adoption. We ask that if it is Your will for this child to become a part of our lives, that You would make that apparent through our profile. Lord You know the plan for our lives, for her life, and for this child’s life: we trust that You know best for all that are involved. If this child is meant to be welcomed into our home, please provide reassurance and comfort for her as she makes that decision. Help her to know and trust that You have given us a great love for children and a great desire to grow our family.

Finally Lord, we ask that You continue to watch over her once the adoption process is completed. We pray that she would know Your great love for her and find comfort and hope in You when she is hurting.

Lord, We trust in Your plan, we trust in Your timing, and we anxiously await the moment when a child becomes a part of our family through the blessing of a birth mother.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Our Promise: If you are reading this, you now know a bit about us and our story, and we pray that you would consider becoming a huge part of it. We both believe there is a major part of our story that is yet to be written, and that involves having another child. We simply cannot picture a life without children. When we learned of our infertility our lives were shaken. The idea of having children has always been the biggest and most exciting part of our plan, and we find hope in knowing that we will still be parents one day with the help of a birth mother /someone like you who chooses to bless us with a child.

We understand that you have been through a lot already and that you have a very difficult decision to make. We can’t imagine being in your shoes, but we want you to know that if you choose us, we will be fully dedicated to loving this child and we will do everything possible to provide them with a life that is full of love, laughter, and happiness. You would be giving us a priceless gift and in return we make you this promise: we will love and cherish this child. We will provide not only the necessities in life, such as food, shelter, and medical care, but we will be there for them emotionally; we will provide structure, routine, and discipline; we will help them through the difficult situations that they are bound to face in life and we promise to have lots of laughs along the way. We promise to be silly, to play games, and to have fun every day. We promise to give them a quality Christian education and help them with their schoolwork. We promise to listen, to give them advice and guidance, and to support them throughout life. We promise to be understanding of the emotions that an adopted child will face throughout their life and we promise to help them feel accepted, wanted, and loved. We will tell them how much they are loved each and every day.

We also promise never to forget you, the sacrifice you made, and the gift that you gave us. You will forever be a part of our story and, for that, we will be forever grateful.