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About Our Family

We were married on May 30, 2009 after dating for almost 4 years. Our marriage is built on trust and maintained with open and honest communication. We are dedicated to each other and put effort into “us” on a daily basis. We are a couple who loves to spend time together and you will rarely find us separated. We love to laugh and we try to make the best out of every situation. We recently celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary, and celebrated 14 years of being a couple in September 2018!

We have a loving relationship and a happy marriage. We were so blessed to adopt our daughter Kaylee in 2015 and she has brought so much joy to our lives! However, we know there is still a piece missing. We are ready to welcome another little one into our home and share our life and our love with them. We believe that we have a strong and healthy relationship and we have worked to create an environment at home that supports the growing needs of a child.

Kaylee is 2 year old as of November 2017. She was adopted from birth and has been a bundle of joy and energy since the say she was born! Her favorite thing to do is read books. She is very smart and puts those skills to good use visiting the library and learning sign language for babies. She likes to attend mommy & baby classes as well as jump in the bounce house during Toddler Time at the YMCA. She has recently become very loving towards her toy bear; it’s sweet to watch her carry him around, tuck him in bed, and pat his back to comfort him. We can see Kaylee being a very loving and caring big sister. We find comfort in knowing that one day Kaylee and her little brother or sister will be able to relate to one another when it comes to the topic of being adopted. They will be able to understand each other’s emotions and have a close relationship with someone who can relate their feelings.

Our Home: We bought our first home 2013. We have 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We have a bedroom on the main floor next to the master bedroom that will be used as a nursery. We have a large fenced in yard with a playset and baby swing as well as multiple parks, lakes, and bike paths nearby. We can imagine filling our home with the laughter of the children playing together, riding bikes in the neighborhood, drawing on the driveway with chalk pictures, and building forts in the living room!

Pets: We have a 4 yr. old black lab named Ryker and a goldfish. Ryker is very well trained, social, loves playing with sticks and he is very gentle with kids. Ryker loves to sit and watch our neighbor’s grandkids as they play in the yard next door as well as walk along the stroller on our walks throughout the neighborhood.

Extended Family: Family time is very important to us. We make it a priority to take family vacations every summer. When we can’t be together, we talk on the phone or Skype. We even have a private Facebook page dedicated to sharing all of Kaylee’s milestones with family members so they always know what she’s up to. Our families are there for each other to provide support and encouragement. Our family members were extremely supportive with Kaylee’s adoption and could not be more excited that we are expanding our family through adoption again! They adore Kaylee and have never hesitated to love and spoil her! Our families are fully aware of our plans to adopt a second time and they are greatly looking forward to becoming grandparents, aunts, and uncles again!

In addition to our family, we have the full support of the church congregation and also the staff and students at the school where Amanda used to teach. From throwing baby showers to helping to us fund raise; we have so many people taking this journey with us who are thrilled to welcome a new little one into our lives.