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Meet Laerke and Kyle

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About Kyle

Kyle is compassionate, adventurous, silly and thoughtful. He loves being outdoors, hiking and playing different sports.

A few facts about Kyle

-Used to participate in jousting tournaments at Renaissance Fairs

-Used to play football and baseball

-Hiked Yosemite Falls

-Had a large Lego collection

-Fell in love with Laerke at first sight

-Favorite book is the Wheel of Time Series

-Favorite movie is all of the Harry Potter movies

-Favorite Day Trip is Yosemite

-Favorite vacation is visiting Europe for the first time

A Note From Laerke

Kyle is a compassionate and loving person. He will be a perfect dad. He loves being adventurous and silly. He is thoughtful, caring and is an excellent listener. He loves being outdoors and playing many different sports. He is supportive and will encourage our child in any interest they have whether it be sports, reading or art.There is no doubt in my mind that Kyle will make our child his top priority.