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Dear Expectant Mom,

It is with much love and respect that we write you and tell you how much we have prayed for you and love you! We are the Peck family and we live in Pennsylvania. We own a 4 bedroom house in a quiet suburb with loads of families and small kids. We enjoy spending time outside at the parks and in our garden. The kids enjoy the backyard tree swings Jeremy set up. Jermey works in research at a University in our town and I stay home with the kids as well as work as a Disney affiliated travel agent. We love taking yearly vacations as a family (yes, that usually means Disney World!). We also live in the same town as my parents and we spend lots of time with them as well.

It’s our hearts desire to raise this child with a heart for God and other people. We take our role as parents seriously and we take adoption seriously as well. We will raise this child to have a strong love for his/her first mama and will always be honest about you and your love for him/her. We will respect your wishes and we are forever grateful for the decisions you have made.

With much love,

Jeremy and Rachelle