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Dear Birth Parent(s):

I know this must be a scary and confusing time for you, & you want to make the right decision. I believe your decision is both brave and generous. Whether I am chosen or not, I am grateful you are making a choice to have someone's dream come true. I can imagine you must have the questions:

"Will they love my child the same if they have their own?" & "What are they going to say about me to the child later on?"

I believe love is not defined by DNA. I could never have a bias against a child no matter how they come to me ....Every child needs to know they are loved from every direction. To paint the child's biological family in a negative light is not healthy for the child, and it's not fair to you. You can be sure your child will always know you love &care about them and who they become no matter how far away you may be.

I have always seen myself adopting, even when I was a little girl. Now, I am a 38 year old, single woman diagnosed with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and may not even be able to have children. I always thought I would fall in love, get married, and have children by this time in my life. However, the right guy has still not come along and dating has proven to be more difficult as time goes on. I feel like time to be a mother is slowly passing by, and I know my life will never feel complete without a child in it.

I am hoping for a newborn of a Hispanic, Polynesian, or American Indian descent. I have absolutely no prejudice towards other ethnicities, I just feel called to adopt a baby from these origins. I have a passion toward these cultures and have learned languages, went to classes, ordered cultured kids books, been on mission trips, and made many friends surrounding these areas. I love the culture and am excited to incorporate it as he or she grows up. God has been speaking to me about adopting a child with other ethnicities since I was 8 years old. In 2008, a pastor whom I had never met prayed over me and said he heard God say that he was removing all red tape and hindrances for me to adopt just minutes after God spoke it to me. In that moment I knew God was calling me to adopt a baby from the regions I was so passionate about. I love the different cultures of these areas and am excited to incorporate that as they grow up. I don't know how to always say the right thing regarding this, but my heart means well. I know that in my spirit, God will have it all happen in his timing, but I am taking a step out in faith and letting him have control of it from there.

‚ÄčAs you go through the process of selecting a family, please know that I support your decision. If I am chosen, I will cherish this child. I will surround them with unconditional love and affection. This child will have opportunities and a home full of love, laughter, and joy. I'll provide safety, a good home, education, an example of good character, family & friends, and support them as they develop their own personality. I have so much love to give and hope you would consider the chance for me to share it with your baby!

Website here: https://myadoptiondream.weebly.com