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Dear Expectant Mom,

We are excited to connect with you if you feel we are the family that you would like to adopt your sweet baby/babies. We live in Wisconsin and willing to travel to whatever state you are in. We are working with an agency that allows us the freedom to connect with an expectant mom and still help us along the journey. We have a 15.5 year daughter old and a 4.5 year old son who are eagerly ready and waiting with open there arms to love another sibling. My husband I have been married for 8 years and have known each other since middle school believe it or not. We have always had a heart for adoption and acknowledge that this is one of the most selfless acts of love one can consider and honor you for doing so. You must know this!

My husband is a teacher and I am a Homebirth midwife in our community here. I am home with our kids full-time except for clinic for about 4-6 hours on Sundays (husband home with kids then) and home unless with a client in labor. My husband is currently teaching from home, which has been so beautiful.

If you desire to connect and feel that you would like to get to know us more, please reach out to us. We invite you to do so. We promise to love, honor and cherish your sweet little one ALWAYS!!!!!❤️

We are prayerful and patiently waiting to hear from you.

Home Study Completed and Ready!!!

Home Study completed ✅

Ready to Travel ✅

Open to YOUR level of openness ❤️

Open to baby boy/girl or twins ❤️

Adoption Profile book available ✅