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Hello Momma- We would be honored if you’d check out our adoption profile! We are a perfectly imperfect family, so brace yourself! 🙂 We are Matt and Kalyn (Matt 37, Kalyn 36) Interracial couple from Northwest Indiana. We are looking at building our family through adoption. Married for five years.

After two years of marriage we decided to expand our family biologically by having children, but we are unable to due to infertility , so we did not let a little road block get into the way of having a family.

Let me just say how much we admire your bravery! You are strong and beautiful! 💕

We know how our hope to adopt (which will bring us so much joy), is a double edged sword bringing you so much pain. Our desire is to have an open adoption- one where you will be like an extended family to us so we can send letters and pictures. We know this type of relationship is possible, as we have met many families who do this! We also know that you may wish for more distance, and we respect that too!

We are fun loving Christian family oriented family, that on our free time we like to travel and one of the traditions that we plan on starting is taking a yearly trip to Disney World, with our future child. Matt has never been to Disney World, and I have been to Disney World when I was seven years old. I heard from people that Disney changes every time you go back. We also like to cook and learn new food dishes from my late grandmothers cook book, and we like sledding on the hill at the local park by our home in the winter time, and running in that same park in the summer and reading books.

Our family is known as a crayon box, We have African-American, Hispanic, Ukrainian, and Japanese cousins. Adoption has always been dear, to us. We always knew we wanted to expand our family through adoption since Matt was adopted from Columbia South America when he was six months old. Kalyn comes from a large family, her mother is the oldest of ten kids so she has thirty five first cousins. Our future child will be loved by everyone in the family and have lots of cousins to play with.

We honor you for the courageous decision that you have made to choose life for your baby and to look at all the options for securing your baby’s future. We want you to know that we are prepared to give this child a life filled with love and opportunity. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers while we are raising our future child.

We can't imagine the feelings you are having through this process, but if chosen we will love your child unconditionally, work hard to make their dreams come true and do the best to raise them in a loving Christian Home.

Love, Matt and Kalyn