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Dear Expectant Parent,

As we sit here typing and retyping this letter, we realize it is very difficult to put into words everything we want say to you in such a short letter, but we are going to try our very best. First, we can’t imagine the emotions you are going through and your brave decision to consider an adoption plan. We don’t know your circumstances that led you down this path, but we hope through everything you feel loved and supported no matter what you choose. We are humbled that you are considering us as adoptive parents and hope that this letter will help you get to know us better.

We are Jon and Amy. We have been together for the past 6 years, married for almost 3 years, and are best friends. We both grew up in Ohio and our parents gave us such a fun loving childhood with lots of traditions that we have always dreamt of sharing with our children. Jon went to Dental School at Case Western Reserve, and I studied Health Care Administration at Kent State University. Jon currently works as Dentist at his business right by our home in rural northeastern, Ohio. And I work for non-profit agency providing services to the elderly and disabled. Our jobs are both very rewarding because we get to help people every day. Since the moment we first started dating we talked about having children and envisioned what life would be like growing our family. We dreamt of teaching a child all of the things we enjoy-Jon enjoys fishing, golfing, and do many woodworking projects. I enjoy going on walks, hiking, and traveling/exploring different cities!

We found very out early on in our marriage after multiple failed fertility treatments, that having a child of our own would be very unlikelyWe went through the emotions of complete shock to sadness that we would never have a family of our own. However, as time went on, we realized what we thought was the worst thing ever was truly a blessing. Through that experience we developed a strength, which honestly I didn’t know we had. I can now say that I am thankful for that “bump in the road” because it lead us down this path that we couldn’t be more excited for and feel that this is how we are meant to grow our family. Our families have been so supportive through this journey and they are excited about the potential of having another one to love.

One of the things we want you know is that by no means do we claim to be “perfect” people because honestly who is! What we do know is that we have a lot of love to give and if we are given the gift to raise your child, we will do everything in our power to provide them with the best life possible. We look forward to teaching your child so many things, one of the most important things being how strong you are and how much you love them. It’s important to both of us that we have an open adoption so that you have the opportunity to be part of your child’s life because none of this would be possible without you. We hope we have the chance to meet you so we can get to know you better, and we wish you peace as your navigate this journey.

-Jon & Amy