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Birthparents, As a mother, I know already, how much you love your unborn child. There are no words to describe the unconditional love, you will always have for that child you have created. You have already shown the kind of mother you are, by creating an adoption plan. We will not pretend that we know how you are feeling, nor that we have ever walked the path you are now on, but please don’t lose sight of the beautiful soul you are. Please know, we are here for you. We see your bravery and your strength. Sometimes difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. We care about you and your wishes. We never plan to disregard you and block you out of your child’s life. Anything that we can share with him/her, you, we will. The love and gratitude we have for you is strong, and we have yet to meet you. The same goes for that precious baby you are giving life to. We know we could make all your wishes come true, and we promise to love him/her until the end of time, give the best life and most of all, a loving family. It’s important for you to know, the kind of mother I choose to be, as well as the type of father Chris chooses to be. I am a make mud pies, play in rain puddles, nature loving mom. In fact, we do not have cable television, and a movie night is a special treat. We honestly just don’t have time…we spend the majority of our time, outside or we are on the go. It is important for me to teach my kids, from a very early age, the diff erence between failure and success. YOU choose to show up or give up. I push strong communication skills within my children. Mistakes happen and they need to happen. Without mistakes we cannot learn right from wrong. I expect my children to make mistakes, so that I have the opportunity to explain the outcome of their mistake, and how it can be prevented in the future. Hoping they learn from their mistakes, ultimately. I strongly believe communication is key in all things. Sleep and a healthy diet are extremely important to me. I believe in letting my kids try all the things to find what makes their heart happy. I like to start my day, every day, with a positive affirmation. I enjoy participating in activities and volunteer in what I can. I will do whatever it takes to make my kids feel confident and have a big self-esteem. I will be their voice for as long as they will let me. When it comes to punishment, my go to is positive reinforcement as well as communication. I feel it is also important for you to know, I will be a stay at home mom.Chris is the fun, participating in everything, kind of dad. What makes him happy, is seeing his kiddos having fun. He is adventurous and is constantly taking us on some sort of journey. He is always working with me as a team when it comes to parenting. One of his favorite quotes is, “teamwork, makes the dreams work.” He enjoys bedtime stories and morning snuggles the most. I do not plan to keep adoption a secret from our newest child. To us, adoption is beautiful. It’s unique and different for every family, and we can’t wait to see how our story unfolds. Whether you decide to choose us as the parents and family for your child, please know that we are praying for you both. We pray that God shines some light on you and helps bring some clarity through this time in your life. Thank you for taking a small glimpse into our family and the life we live.

With peace & love,

Chris and Katie