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We have so much to offer your child.

Our dream is to watch our children grow and make their way in the world with our support and love.

We believe every child should have an opportunity to have a great education. Reading is important to us and make story time a special bedtime ritual. We saved the books from our childhood and hope to pass along the same story time memories from generation to generation. We also think it is important to learn by trying and doing. We will allow your child the freedom explore the world through sports, art, nature, and curiosity. We both believe in supporting and encouraging children to pursue their passions no matter what they are.

We are committed to creating a financially secure and safe loving home and we are also committed to filling this home with laughter and happiness, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and their children – all part of an extended family that will make each day exciting, joyous and full of love. In our home we want it to be a place for children to grow with us, learn from us and teach us as well. We are already a family but we want to complete our lives by becoming parents.

By considering an adoption plan, you have already made a decision that is very brave and selfless. We feel that you are doing this out of an abundance of love for your baby. We want to thank you for reading a little bit about us and would love and appreciate an opportunity to speak further with you, so we may get to know each other. We will respect your thoughts and hope to plan your baby’s future together. We excitedly await hearing from you.

With all our Love

Jessie & Keith