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Meet Tina and Kevin

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We think you are pretty incredible. Just for being here. We just want you to know that.

We don't know exactly what you are going through right now, but we imagine it might be overwhelming. We hope it brings you some comfort to learn there are wonderful people out there who have so much love to give your child. We want you to know that we respect you and your decision to make an adoption plan. We want to be there for you, if you need extra support.

Our prayers brought us together as a couple and now our prayers have turned to building a family. You can be confident that your child will know how your unconditional love and bravery made us a family.

We promise...

• to give your child an incredible upbringing that will hopefully lead them to become a confident and kind person.

• they will be welcomed into a large, warm family who will nurture their mind, body and soul.

• to devote ourselves to showering your child with affection and providing them with opportunities through education.

• to teach them to find joy and encourage them to seek happiness.

• to be patient and compassionate, and cheer them on as they discover their passions and talents.

• they will know that you are the first page of their story.

• to do all we can to help your child grow in every way.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our lives and our dreams. We are so grateful. We wish nothing but the best for you.