Meet Kelsey and Ryen

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We are excited to be on this amazing journey to start our family, and appreciate you taking the time to read through our profile.

We are an active, healthy couple who love spending time with family, going on adventures, and hosting themed parties in our home. Ryen is great at creating d├ęcor and sometimes costumes, while Kelsey can match appetizers and cocktails to fit in with just about any party theme.

From early on in our relationship we knew it was highly likely that we would adopt our children. This will be our first child, and the first grandchild on either side of the family. Our family and close friends are very supportive and excited to hear how this journey will unfold. We are eager to find our child, and to meet the courageous family our future child will come from. It is our hope that this letter will give you a small glimpse into our lives, and aid you in finding the best choice for you and your child.