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Meet Joshua and Ashley

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About Joshua

Josh is a hardworking, dedicated husband who puts God and family first in all he does. He loves to write fun stories as well as articles about important real-life issues. Like Ashley, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, and he enjoys learning new things and new experiences. He loves to watch and play most sports, but basketball is his absolute favorite. Josh's favorite food is donuts.

A Note From Ashley

Josh is my confidant and best friend. He is such a fun, loving, caring, patient, understanding man and husband. Did I mention that he is the most amazing cook?! He is a wonderful pastor to our church family as he cares for, invests in, and forms meaningful relationships with the adults, teenagers, and children at our church. After finishing his Master’s Degree, Josh became super excited about writing and sharing his thoughts with the world. Through his blog and story writing, he shares his love for God and family. He is super excited to be a Dad and I know that he will be an incredible father as he teaches our little one about life, family, and values. I can’t wait to see that!