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Dear Expectant Mother,

I can only imagine what you are going through. Since I’ve been researching and thinking about adoption, I have been very interested in learning more about the birth mothers and their feelings. Having had a child myself, I know pregnancy, even in the best of circumstances, can be an emotional roller coaster. You may not feel your best, you may not look your best, but you feel that gift of life inside you and you can’t help but wonder about what he or she will be like. But when an expectant mother decides that adoption is the best thing for her baby, I imagine it puts cloud on the experience since you may feel as if you will not be able to see your child grow. I want to tell you that I hear you and I promise to have you to be apart of the child’s life as much as you like.

There are probably things in your life preventing you from parenting this child yourself. Perhaps there is too much financial strain, perhaps you don’t feel supported by others. I want to tell you that we will support you and we will give the child everything we have to offer: love, security, support, guidance, laughter, a great education and compassion. You will never be judged by us, only loved and respected. Adopting a child will be the greatest gift anyone could ever offer us. You are so brave and selfless for making this decision to give your child an opportunity for a happy life. In sum, what I want to say to you, dear expectant mother, is that you are our hero. Please reach out to us- we are so excited to meet you.


Kim and Steve.