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We are a family of four hoping to adopt. We are open to many different adoption situations. You may be a birth parent looking for a family to adopt your baby or you may even be looking to place an older child. You might be a child who is advocating for themselves and looking for a permanent home and family. Any situation you may be in, please check us out. You can find some current events and pictures on our Facebook page at Adoption Is 4 Us take the time to get to know a little about us and feel free to message us.

A Little About Us!

We are in a Valley next to the Columbia River which we take advantage of during the summer with boating, fishing, swimming, camping, and tubing. Look up from the Valley and you get to take in the gorgeous mountain views which include a ski lodge where we have the opportunity to ski, tube, and snowboard. Up to 2015 we lived on 10 acres of cherry trees owned by the family, yet only 3 miles from town. Our neighborhood was all orchards and a very quiet place to live with much room for kids to roam, catch bugs, dig holes, and just get muddy from head to toe. Since 2015 we ventured out from the family property and found a piece of the dream in a home and land of our own with great neighbors. The kids can certainly still get dirty from head to toe and have lots of room to roam! There are only 7 homes in our area and our little community is kind and quiet. Believe it or not, this piece of paradise is across from the local grade school too. This last 4th of July we went out on the upper deck and were able to take in the awesome community fireworks display. With a diverse family, friends and community we feel any child would feel welcome.

We are a family that loves to have fun! We spend a lot of quality time together--whether it is just the four of us, or if we're with our extended family. Our family gets together often and the children all enjoy playing together. The grandparents think the world of each grandchild and they are a huge part of their lives. We enjoy going to the park, shopping in antique and second hand stores, visiting friends and family, and sometimes just sitting around home and hanging out. We as a family would love the opportunity to share these experiences and, more importantly, all of the unconditional love that we have with a new child.

Steve and Samantha are going on their 25th year of marriage. We have had a wonderful 24 years with a lot of give and take, compromise, the great ability to discuss without arguing. We have a 19 year old boy. We use the Love and Logic Parenting concepts and ideas providing him with the ability to make choices, learn respectfulness, responsibility, gain self-esteem, and guide him in making the right choices. We feel that if we get him to understand consequences at this age that the expense or consequence of an error or bad choice is much less now in teenage years than it could be as an adult. We feel that it is important for Michael to be allowed and able to express how he feels, his concerns, and to discuss those feelings in a healthy manner. We are always there when he needs us whether we need to take care of issues at school, on the playground, at a drop of a hat. Currently he has taken a position in refrigeration, and is studying to take the State certification test as well as taking the local college course in the same area this fall. He is saving up his money to buy a home of his own and it won't be long before his dream is a reality!

Our boy means the world to us; he has brought so much joy into our lives. When he was about 6 months old we took the opportunity to move closer to family. I have to say this has been one of our best decisions ever. Right away Grandma began taking him to swimming lessons, music classes, attending Awana's and simply being a loving Grandma. As he has become older, Grandpa began showing him how to work and earn money and keep an employer happy. Michael is truly a kind hearted boy and genuinely cares for others; you can find him looking for Easter eggs to share with others. He has shown patience and kindness teaching his best friend Jose how to ride a motorcycle, teaching and talking to him all the while running alongside of him. He has such an amazing personality.During his school years would find him making bowls, checker boards, cutting boards, candelabras and giving them as gifts to all around him.

Our daughter is truly a blessing and miracle. We were chosen by a wonderful birth mom in May 2016 to adopt her child that was due in August. At the time we met we didn't know what she was having. Prior to the ultrasound she said she hoped that she was having a girl since I already have a boy. What a sweet gesture and thought on her part. We fell in love with our daughter the day she was born. Admittedly we are still getting use to starting over with a little one but it has all been exciting and fun...well maybe a little exhausting too. But worth it! Since so much time has gone by since our son was born, we have turned to google in order to refresh our memories of the baby milestones expected. I know you are probably laughing well we are too. Steve said just the other day that he is so glad that I kept on the adoption trail as he feels he sure would have missed out on having a daughter and all her cute frilly things too! Now that she has become a little older her personality is sure starting to show. She is a very happy little girl and a lucky one too! She gets to spend lots of time with the grandparents in which they take her to swimming lessons, music lessons, BSF, library story time, and just lots of fun. She just told me this morning that she is Papa's baby and that grandma loves her! She was walking at 8 month and running shortly after, she is talking in sentences and she will be turning 2 shortly. She makes us laugh on a daily basis! The whole experience with her has been AMAZING! Most recently she had a play date with her friend and she was talking, explaining and encouraging her to walk.

We currently volunteer with a local clinic to provide adoption information and experiences as well as information for local resources and services within our community for birth parents to make a more informed choice. Maybe Adoption Is Your Option! Our Facebook page is a small reflection of our journey in our own adoption process. If you feel we can be of help with your journey you can simply let us know. We also have ads across the US and have been able to direct others to services in their area or services that are available across the US. We also are a volunteer rescue family for an organization in California. We feel that it is important to get our information out there so that we can maybe get connected with others to help out within this great world!

We have truly been blessed. We have a wonderful marriage, a loving family, a beautiful home in a great neighborhood.

We have so much love to share with another child and would like to work with you in the adoption process or help you use the community resources to keep your baby. We respect your decision to follow your heart and do what is best for your child.

If we are given the privilege to adopt your child, always know that we will unconditionally love and cherish your child and they will forever know the sacrifices that you have made out of love.

In May 2016 a wonderful birthmom chose us to adopt her baby. Our experience with her was truly amazing. Samantha was able to make several trips to her location to help set up insurance, medical appointments, and anything else needed using resources Samantha had researched and obtained. She was able to be a liaison for her and help get what she needed. To be honest the first meeting was a little nerve racking but there was an elderly lady (my angel in disguise) there to help calm Samantha's nerves before they met. Once they got talking the conversation just flowed and before you knew it three hours had passed. For the next few months Samantha was able to attend some of the doctor appointments and help direct anything that needed to get done. All the while Samantha knew that the first priority was the birthmom and it was still her choice. Samantha enjoyed the conversations and check-ins with the birthmom. There is so much more to this wonderful story, while maintaining confidentiality, that we would just love to share with you given the chance.

We realize that our experience may not be the typical one but it sure was a blessing. We are open to any type of relationship that you are comfortable with.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read our story. We wish you all the best in everything you do, especially in the coming months when you will be faced with some tough decisions.

If you would like to know more about us, please call (800) 238-5437(kids) or (509) 248-7220 and ask for our attorney, Marcus Fry or one of his adoption assistants, Sarah. You can email us directly.

Thank You,

Steve, Samantha, Michael & Olivia