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Dear expectant mom,

We may not know who you are yet but God does and we have been praying for you since making the decision that adopting was how we were going to grow our family. We are praying for peace and clarity constantly for you, your unborn baby(babies) and the father. We can not begin to understand your emotions, pain, and heartbreak that you are experiencing at this time. We are here for you in whatever capacity that you will allow us.

You are strong for making the decision to place your child for adoption or parent , if that is what you decide! We are excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity of you reading our story and connecting with us. We promise that through your pregnancy, through labor and delivery, and after we will support you, listen to you, and have a relationship with you and the baby to the agreement that we make and will be willing to change the openness as you see fit for yourself. We pray that whatever decision you make for your child you will be filled with peace, joy, and contentment.


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