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Dear Friend,

By way of introduction, we will begin by thanking you. Your decision to place your baby for adoption is a loving one that reaches people on several levels. It shows you care for the life you're nurturing now, it offers others a chance (even if they are not us) to love that baby too, and it is a way of loving and taking care of yourself. So, thank you.

We are Court and Kristi. We've been married since 2004 and have tried our best in that time to build a loving and secure family. We believe that our jobs as parents are to provide the security, love and experiences that will help a child develop into a well rounded adult who is ready to take on the world but knows there is a safe haven with us if ever needed.

After quite a few years spent trying to grow our family, in 2013, we welcomed our son, Gideon, into the world. He is a fun loving kid who is curious and playful, always exploring and asking questions. His birth was a blessing, as is watching him grow and learn. We are excited about the possibility of watching another child do the same. We are also open to sharing those experiences with you, if you so desire.

Once again, thank you.

Court & Kristi