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About Keith

Keith through Melinda’s Eyes

Keith is a man of uncompromising integrity and the most honest, sincere, and loyal man I’ve ever met. He lives life to its fullest and is so committed to me, our marriage, and our son. I can trust him with anything, and I know he’ll always be there, through good and bad. His insight, wisdom, and attentiveness make him an amazing dad. He’s an incredible handyman too, and can fix just about anything!

In the backyard, Keith really enjoys gardening and has surrounded our house with roses and flowers. His garden overflows with juicy vegetables and fresh herbs. He shares this joy with Declan, showing him how to grow a giant pumpkin or how high our corn stalks will reach. Keith’s excited to have two kids to share this passion with and even cordoned off an area of our yard for our next child to plant in someday. Keith is also a grill master specializing in the most savory baby back ribs I’ve ever tasted! On weekends, he has so much fun making delicious breakfasts for Declan, whether it’s scrambling fresh eggs from our own chickens or shaping pancakes into cars and planes.

Since Keith was little, he has been an avid baseball fan. He’s already taught Declan to throw a fast ball, and I know he’ll be working on our next baby’s curve ball as soon as he or she can get a grip. Over the last few years, Keith renewed his love for fishing and enjoys Daddy/son fishing outings. You should have seen the large-mouth bass Declan caught. It was huge!

My husband likes to be goofy too, which is so cute. He loved the sock monkey growing up and has taught Declan how to make big monkey lips. Keith is Declan’s favorite playground — he’s the highest swing, a climbing wall, and monkey bars — all disguised as Daddy. When it rains, music and laughter can be heard throughout the house as Keith and Declan play “marching band” complete with parade hats and musical instruments.

Keith’s career as a computer programmer brings him joy, but not nearly as much excitement and happiness as I see from him when he’s being a dad. He’s told me that before Declan was born, he truly had no idea it was possible to love someone this much. He’s a wonderful father who takes great pride in building a strong relationship with his son and can’t wait to create a bond with our next child. His work schedule is very flexible, and he works from home most days. He has plenty of time to spend with our family and looks forward to cheering our children on at sporting games and school activities.

We are so blessed to have such an adoring and devoted husband and father! Keith’s heart is so big, and I know he’ll help our children become humble, respectful, hard-working, independent adults.