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Dear Expectant Momma,

All our aloha and mahalo (love and thank you) for wanting to take the time to get to know us a little bit better. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult this decision is that you are facing, but we admire your courage and strength and love for wanting this child to have the best future possible.

We have been married since March 2011. Our lives have been intertwined since we were little, attending the same schools, living in the same neighborhoods, even playing in the same elementary school band without knowing it. We finally met face to face in high school and dated briefly before losing touch for 7 years. After reconnecting through Facebook, we met back up and we both knew that this was it, we were meant to be together and we weren't going to lose touch again. We got married two and a half months later and continue to grow and love each other more and more every day.

We have both always known we wanted a big family. Adopting has been something Dawn has always felt in her heart she would do whether she had biological children or not. Tim has a half-sister who was placed for adoption as a newborn and after seeing how wonderful adoption is, decided he too would like to be a part of that someday. After having two biological children, we were led to adoption to grow our family and we were blessed with our youngest son and an open adoption relationship with his Birth Mom. It has been an amazing journey and one that we are so thankful and grateful for. We feel in our hearts we are meant to adopt again to complete our family and are so excited for another opportunity to share our hearts and home and all our love with a baby and their Birth Family.

Being in the military we get to have a very familial environment everywhere we live. Our friends are our family no matter where we are. We spend birthdays and holidays together and our children get to be surrounded by people who love them like their own. Tim's job has been such a wonderful experience for us. We have been able to travel and experience many different countries and cultures first hand. We are so lucky to be able to be stationed in cites and countries we wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity to live in. Our children have learned to speak multiple languages and we have made life long friends from all over the world.

We can promise you that your child will be surrounded by an unbelievable amount of love and support. We will be able to give this child opportunities to travel the world and to learn and grow through such incredibly amazing experiences and adventures. Yet, no matter what, we will still always get to be connected to you through pictures, letters, emails, phone calls, and even video chats if you desired. Our children love getting to see and talk to our family that way.

This child will always know who you are and know about the incredibly tough, admirable, and selfless decision you made if you chose us. We will always be open and honest with them. We will instill morals such as honesty, integrity, and respect and they will be given the best education possible. We will love this child unconditionally, forever. We can promise that you will always be a significant part of our family and this child's life.

Thank you again for considering our family, we hope to one day be your family as well.

Love and respect,

Tim & Dawn