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Hil! Thanks for taking the time to view our profile--We hope you are feeling good and are not experiencing too many of the discomforts that can come with pregnancy! There is so much we wonder about you. . .what are your interests, likes/dislikes, what do you love/hate to do, and what are your hopes for the future! We would also love to hear your hopes and dreams for that lil one you are carrying!

We can't imagine how difficult this decision has been, but please know our thoughts and prayers are with you. We can't even tell you how much we admire you for your courage--it truly is such a selfless decision to consider adoption for your baby! What a lucky lil baby to have someone who wanted the best for them so much and loved them so much before they were even born! And what a blessing for some lucky family to have a little one to love and raise! We hope it gives you peace knowing that that baby will be a dream come true for the lucky family you choose! Nothing would make us and our family happier than to welcome them into our family and we would be sooo thrilled to be the couple you choose to love and raise your baby !

Todd and his twin sister were actually adopted as infants and he's so excited to become a daddy through adoption!! His birth mom was 19 years old and his birth dad was 17. They just weren't ready to be parents. When we read birth parent stories, Todd says, “ I wish I could meet them in person and just reassure them-look how well things turned out for my sister and me! “ Todd and his sister were raised by wonderful, loving parents, and he is even able to have contact with birth family, including his dad and aunt. This can't be an easy decision for you, but we hope your heart finds peace knowing that this baby will be a dream come true for the family you choose. We want you to know we admire you for your decision to bring this little one into the world and know you will always have a special place in their life and in our hearts!

You probably have a ton of questions about us! For starters, we met in 2011 in a bookstore, and over coffee we talked and laughed for 3 hours! Todd still makes me laugh everyday and has a great sense of humor! We got married in 2012 and have been talking about adopting ever since we got engaged. Anna has always wanted to adopt and because the adoption experience was so positive for Todd and his sister, he’s so excited to adopt a little one of his own! We are both so excited to become a family through adoption! Todd always says that he could not have asked for better parents, and we both feel that being adopted himself will truly help him understand and relate to a child's feelings and questions about being adopted. We both think he’ll share a very special bond with a child for that reason. We are so excited and honored to be here, and we really believe God brought us together to become a mommy and daddy through adoption!

We understand the need for openness and understand that openness can change over time and we would be willing to work with you and your wishes. We would be open to visits, letters, and photos. We know that each adoption story and relationship is different and can evolve over time. We believe that openness and a positive relationship between both families is in the best interest of this little baby and will help them grow into a confident young man or woman.

What else can we tell you? Let's see...we are a loving couple whose marriage grows each year - we continue to learn so much from each other! We are financially stable, live in a quiet little town in Northeast Ohio in a modest 3 bedroom home that we own, and have lots of family close by who are anxious to welcome a little one to the family. Anna comes from a large extended family; two of her cousins welcomed babies into their families 2 years ago and 2 other cousins welcomed baby boys this past year (one in March and one in June)! So your lil one will have plenty of other kids to run around with! We don't currently have any children, but would like to adopt again in the future to give our child a little brother or sister. Our town has excellent schools, with a YMCA and plenty of parks and beaches nearby. Anna has been an elementary special education teacher for 14 years, but she is even more excited about being a stay-at-home mom! Todd is a commercial pilot and has been flying since before he could drive a car. He can't wait to have a little co-pilot and maybe even teach him or her to fly! He travels a bit at work, and has a regular work schedule that allows for plenty of family time. We were both raised in the Christian faith and would instill those same values and beliefs in our child.

So why do we want to be parents? Well, like most couples, we are excited about a child to love and teach and help them grow! We're looking forward to all those moments of kissing away tears and fears, making silly faces just to get a laugh, and answering tons of questions! We can't wait for a little one to jump on the bed, hang artwork on the refrigerator, and giggle from the back seat of the car. We want to be the kind of parents who raise our child to be kind and confident. We understand the need to support our child in his or her own interests and to guide him or her in the right direction, but we are aware that he or she will need room to make his or her own mistakes sometimes. We both feel that true confidence comes from knowing that you are loved for who you are, and that confidence allows you to persevere. Todd and I both love to learn and can't wait to share that love of learning with our child. Anna is excited about being a hands-on mom...volunteering at school, building sandcastles at the beach, and of course baking homemade cookies! Todd is looking forward to spending time with a little one and watching them grow, helping them to learn how to ride a bike, and how to find and develop their own interests and talents. He is very much looking forward to seeing a child of our own someday with their very own puppy!

Todd says: "Anna is ALL ABOUT kids! She is very sweet and loves to help children any way she can. She really enjoys teaching and helping kids learn and grow. She loves to be out in nature, hiking, camping or kayaking. One of her favorite memories was kayaking and getting to see 4 baby fox cubs running around on shore! It was amazing to see, and those are the kinds of experiences we can't wait to share with a child of our own! She volunteers at a local family shelter, and feels that it is important to give back to the community and to help others. She loves spending time with her sister and her family! Her sister is an amazing mom of three, and nurse who takes care of babies so she'll have plenty of great advice for Anna and I!”

Anna says: "When I first met Todd, one of the first things I noticed about him was just how much of a gentlemen he was! I remember we were in his car and it was pouring rain, I mean pouring rain! This little old lady was walking to her car, getting drenched so Todd got out of his car with an umbrella and held it over her as he walked her across the parking lot to her car. He has many interests, from music, to photography, and flying. He loves aviation and anything related to airplanes. He's a hard worker and does his best to make good decisions for us. He prefers to think things through before jumping in while I'm a little more willing to jump in (which gives us a good balance). He can be a little shy at first, but he is our nieces’ and nephew’s favorite uncle. They say it's because he's so much fun! I can't wait to see him playing with a child of his own! He is very close with his sister and dad, and enjoys getting together with them whenever possible. Todd's mom passed away in 2014, and we wish so much that she could have been here to share in this experience with us. She was a kindergarten teacher who loved kids, and we know our child will have a very special guardian angel watching over them!”

So that is a little about us and our background. It is difficult to express all of our thoughts and feelings in a single letter and we're sure you must have a ton more questions-we would be happy to meet talk with you more to help all of us learn more about each other. If you would like to, please contact our adoption agency, Caring For Kids at 330-928-0044 or email the at! They're a wonderful agency who truly cares about expectant mothers and helping them through the process. We wish you all the best!


Anna and Todd