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About Anna and Todd

What Todd says about Anna: Anna is so sweet and is all about kids! She LOVES kids and is always doing things to help kids! After college, she started working with abused/neglected kids and that's when she began wanting to adopt. She just wanted to take each of the kids home. She really likes to be out in nature- One of her favorite memories is kayaking and getting to see 4 fox cubs running around on shore. It was amazing to see and those are the kinds of memories we can't wait to share with a child of our own! She volunteers at a family shelter and feels it's important to help others. She's been reading a lot about parenting and taking care of babies-and I can't wait to see her with a child of our own! She wants to be a Hands-on mom, getting dirty with the kids, volunteering at school, building sand castles at the beach. She is going to be a great mom! (We both feel it's important for our child to have a stay at home parent-so Anna is substitute teaching right now, but will be a stay at home mom.)

Anna says: "When I first met Todd, one of the first things I noticed about him was just how much of a gentlemen he was! I remember we were in his car and it was pouring rain, I mean pouring rain! This little old lady was walking to her car, getting drenched so Todd got out of his car with an umbrella and held it over her as he walked her across the parking lot to her car. He has many interests, from music, to photography, and flying. He loves aviation and anything related to airplanes. He's a hard worker and does his best to make good decisions for us. He prefers to think things through before jumping in while I'm a little more willing to jump in (which gives us a good balance). He can be a little shy at first, but he is our nieces’ and nephew’s favorite uncle. They say it's because he's so much fun! I can't wait to see him playing with a child of his own! He is very close with his sister and dad, and enjoys getting together with them whenever possible. Todd's mom passed away in 2014, and we wish so much that she could have been here to share in this experience with us. She was a kindergarten teacher who loved kids, and we know our child will have a very special guardian angel watching over them!”