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If your reading this than we want to thank you. We want to thank you for considering this choice. We want to thank you for taking the time to look at our page and profile and also for considering us to love, cherish and parent your child. Growing our family has been in our hearts for years, and we are home study approved and ready to welcome a new child into our home.

Our names are Roberto and Michele and our son Nate just turned eight. Nate is so ready to be a big brother! When we started working on pictures and stories for our website we got to really review our lives since meeting each other. From dating to marriage to having our son. Looking at pictures of time spent together and places we’ve visited. Time has gone by so fast! Our days are filled with walks to the bus stop, HW, cooking, lots of celebrating and so much more. Watching our son grow has been so incredible! At this very moment I’m thinking about what to make for Valentines day dinner! Every year we have a candle light dinner for the three of us! It’ so much fun.

As parents, we have committed to create a home that is warm, welcoming, nurturing and stable. We treat each other with respect and unconditional love. We talk about our days and our dreams. Nate’s favorite time to tell us about his day is at bedtime. That is after a prayer’s, a book, a song and after he makes at least two trips down stairs because he “forgot” something. I’m starting to think he saves his stories for bedtime on purpose!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, or to get to know one another. We extend our love and prayers.