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Dear Expectant Parent(s)-

We’re excited to get to know you and for you to meet us. It’s hard for us to portray ourselves through this simple letter and website--we get that. But we have been learning all we can about adoption and want to show you how eager we are to share our life with you and the baby growing in our hearts. If you want to chat, please reach out to us through this page or our email.

Family comes first in our home.You can find us with family on a regular basis--we love getting together for extended family dinners or spending time outside at the lake or in the mountains. We try to live our deepest priorities; you’ll see us at church every Sunday, volunteer-teaching youth classes, and praying to our Heavenly Father.

Having been married for a few years now, and hoping for children from the very beginning, we realized that now is as good a time as ever to begin our adoption journey. We want you to know that adoption is the path we WANT to go down, not one that has been forced on us. It has always been part of our plan.

We hope to have an open adoption because we believe in the importance of allowing children to know where they came from and the beautiful (although difficult) journey that led them to us. We want develop a relationship with you, sharing letters, pictures, phone calls, etc. We hope that you will decide the level of openness that you feel comfortable with. And know that our relationship can change and grow over time.

We will work to have a family that embraces and loves everyone around them; our little band will be diverse in origin, but united in destination. We hope to raise children who are kind, confident, outdoor lovers, and believers in Christ.

We admire your courage and willingness to pursue what you believe is best for your baby. We hope to be an answer to each other’s prayers. We promise to love, teach, and encourage your child through their whole life. To give them a safe space to learn and grow and become all they can be.