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About Cara

I'm the fourth of six kids and loved growing up in a big family. My siblings are some of my best friends and I just adore loving on my nine nieces and nephews. On a normal day, you can find me watching the Great British Baking show, snuggling my pup, and spending time in the sun (when there is any to be found!) after I come home from work. I enjoy the outdoors, chatting with friends, cooking new food, and adventuring with Christian.

One of my favorite things to do is travel and I have spent time in 11 countries so far...and I always have new place on my bucket list! A few of my favorites have been living in Korea for 18 months serving and teaching about Christ, learning in Israel for a summer study abroad, and exploring Italy with Christian. I learn so much about the world and myself as I meet new people and explore new places. As much as I appreciate seeing the world, I relish making a space warm and inviting. It has been a joy to make our current apartment feel like home.

It's tough to introduce myself on paper, so let's play 20 questions instead!


1. Color- This changes all the time. Pink is always up there, and right now I'm also loving yellow!

2. Food- Fruit. All day, every day.

3. Movie- Ever After. I could watch it a million times!

4. Date night- Go explore somewhere new, whether it's a new city or a new hike, get dinner, then listen to music on the way home.

5. Hobby- Creating wedding bouquets or cooking...its a toss up!

6. Season- Summer, with autumn as runner up.

7. Thing to wear- I love a comfy dress, because I don't have to match anything else, but am also loving this jumper trend! I hope it never goes away because they are so cute and easy to throw on!

8. Smell- fresh cut grass, the ocean, and garden roses.


9. Place I've visited- This is a tough one. The world is so beautiful and I love it all! But I think that Jerusalem is the winner. The history and holiness is undeniable, the people are incredible, the food is fantastic...I could go on forever!

10. Thing I've seen- The ocean at sunset.

11. Talent I have- I can roll my belly up AND down!

12. Dessert I've eaten- This lemon and sweet creme gelato at a whole-in-the-wall place in Rome. I would go back just to have that again!


13. Thing about my family- Knowing that they will always have my back and I can come to them for support.

14. Trait of my husband- His optimism and love for life. He completely believes that life will be good and wonderful and strives to make it so. He is so confident in the blessings that are going to come while also totally loving the life he has now.

15. Halloween costume i've ever worn- Two years ago Christian and I dressed up as Han Solo and Princess Leia. It was pretty awesome! We went to a party with a bunch of other college kids and some guy we didn't know was dressed up as Chewbacca. He made the perfect Chewy noise and ran over and gave Christian a huge hug. It was hilarious and one of my favorite Halloween memories!

16. My most embarrassing moment is...running on a treadmill as a freshman in college. My iPod fell on the track while I was running and when I tried to jump off to get it, then get back on, I forgot that it was still going. I fell on my face at the very front of 3 rows of treadmills! Needless to say I didn't go back for a long time.

17. An irrational fear I have is... not wanting my feet to be uncovered if I am watching/reading anything remotely scary. I am convinced that something is going to grab my feet if they are exposed!

18. One personality trait I want to teach to our kids is... kindness. And empathy. There is enough selfishness, condemnation, and hate in the world. I hope to teach our children to love before they judge and to treat others with grace.

19. My biggest pet peeve is...knowing there is a little of something left, be it hairspray or bread, and it being gone when I go to get it. Grrr!

20. Describe yourself in 3 words: creative, passionate, loyal.

A Note From Christian

Cara is a nurturing, fun-loving, mother figure that loves the outdoors. Cara was the fourth of six kids, the perfect Brady bunch of three boys and three girls. Her love of nature (and especially flowers) stems from her upbringing in a rural town nestled back in the mountains of northern Utah. When Cara isn’t designing and arranging wedding flowers, she enjoys preparing delicious new dishes and cooking with clean ingredients. Somehow, despite my Flamin’ Hot Cheetos addiction, Cara has managed to overhaul my diet with healthy, natural foods; and I’m not even mad--she makes healthy taste that good! Cara graduated in Sociology from BYU, but has always dreamed of being a mom. As a high school student she would turn down hanging out with friends to instead babysit the neighborhood families. I love watching her hike with a baby on her back or snuggle up with a book and a few of our 9 nieces and nephews. I can’t wait til we have our own little one to add to the mix of cousins.