Meet Brendan and Libby

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Dear expectant parent(s),

My name is Brendan. I have been married to my beautiful high school sweetheart, Libby since 2014. I am currently in the Military, and above all else, I strive to put God first.

Thank you! Thank you for even considering my wife and I to be the adoptive parents of your sweet baby. We know that this decision may not be easy for you, but just know that God doesn't make mistakes. He only produces miracles.

If we’re chosen to be the adoptive parents of this beautiful child, you will be placing Him or Her into the arms of a Jesus loving family. A family that has prayed and is continually praying diligently for you and for this miracle. This baby will be raised to know the Lord and to seek His glory! Know that we will love your baby with everything we have.

We will be praying for you and that you make the right decision for yourself and your baby. My wife and I always say, "We may not be perfect, but we're perfect for each other." God didn't create us to be perfect, but if we trust Him, and follow His will for our lives, nothing can stop us from reaching our goals!

We may not know you just yet, but we love you. Not only are you the potential parent(s) of our child, you are undoubtedly God's child, and that makes us one in the same. God Bless you and each day to come in your lives. Hopefully we can meet sometime!

Dear Expectant Parents,

My name is Libby! I have been with my sweet husband since we were 16 years old. Life is always an adventure with him, especially since he is in the military! Being able to grow and learn with him every day is such a blessing and I cannot wait to add a precious bundle of joy to our everyday life!

Brendan covered most of what I wanted to say, but I’ll end with this… we are so excited to get to know you! This journey the Lord has lead us on has been such an adventure. I know there are so many ups and downs in life, but I want you to know there is security in our God. Your bravery and selfless heart is the reason we are all here. Your gift to us is by far one of the greatest we could ever receive. Please know you will forever hold a dear place in our hearts. We love you and cherish you.