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Meet Brendan and Libby

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About Brendan

Being high school sweethearts, the two of us have always talked about what we saw in our future and adoption was always on both of our hearts. We both come from families where adoption is prominent, and we always have had a passion for children. After hearing an adoption testimony on the radio, Libby instantly knew that the future she previously envisioned was what the Lord was calling us to pursue. So here we are! Praying and waiting for our miracle. We are a fun, loving, and an outgoing couple. We love spending time with our families and taking trips to go and see them whenever we get the opportunity. There is a huge, loving family waiting to meet the next addition to our family, so fingers crossed we get the news soon : )

A Note From Libby

Brendan is a funny, hard working guy. He loves fiercely and always has you laughing. Brendan loves his family and and friends like no one else I know. He always goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed. He will be such an amazing father. I love seeing him with our friends and family's children; they always want to play with their Uncle Bwendan. Watching him talk about the adoption and hearing his heart fills me with joy. I love being on this journey with him!