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To You,

In 2015 our world was changed when our daughter's birth mom chose us to be her parents. The day we received the phone call is etched in our memories as one of great joy and of immense gratitude that she would choose us to be the parents for her daughter.

Since her birth we have continued to stay connected to her, as well as to her birth father. They are 2 relationships that are of the utmost importance to both us and to our daughter.

We are so thankful that you are taking time to look at our family in this book. We hope that you will see the love on each page and how the love of God is intertwined in our lives.

The decision you are making is brave and we know you are not taking it lightly. We have been praying for you. You are already a part of our hearts and will become a part of our story.

-Jason and Erin