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Our mission is to help Expectant Parents find a safe and loving family for their child, starting with their own.

My Baby’s Family, LLC was founded upon three basic beliefs:

  1. Every unborn child has an unalienable right to life
  2. Every child deserves a safe and loving family
  3. There is a safe and loving family for every child

Our mission is to help Expectant Parents choose a family for their child, starting with thorough consideration of their own parenting options.

When a pregnancy is unplanned, an adoption plan could be worth considering. However, the decision to place a child for adoption is a very difficult one. Most Expectant Mothers experience grief after placing their child for adoption. That is why we are committed to helping them thoroughly consider their own parenting options before going too far down the adoption path.

My Baby's Family, LLC is not an adoption agency or law firm. We do not profit from the completion of adoptions resulting from connections made on our site. We greatly respect and value the important role Adoption Advisors play in this complex process. We are here to help those advisors help their clients, both Adoptive Families and Expectant Parents.

Our primary goal is to provide Expectant Parents with a world-class site providing more Adoptive Families to consider than any other. The model we are using to achieve this is well-proven. That is why we expect to one day have all Adoptive Families on our site. First in America, then around the world.