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About Adela

I am a child of God, a devoted wife and a loving mother to two precious boys. I grew up in Romania as an only child. By God's grace and provision I attended college here in U.S. and soon after graduating I married the love of my life. I am passionate about fulfilling God's purpose for my life. Above all I want to honor Him in everything I do. I feel that the Lord put me here on earth to invest in and bring value to the lives of those around me, especially my children. I want to leave a legacy of love to them.

I love to keep neat and organized whether that is our house, our finances or our schedules. I enjoy the outdoors, enjoying God's beautiful creation and especially I love sunny days at the beach. I love being outside working in the garden. I have an artistic side and I enjoy creating beautiful things. I love to cook, bake and decorate cakes for special occasions for our family. I love to read and I always look for opportunities to grow in knowledge. I am a pharmacist by trade and I work a part-time job which allows me plenty of time to spend with my boys. I love being a momma!

A Note From Jeremy

Adela is a terrific wife and mother. She has a driven personality but knows how to slow down and enjoy her family. Although Adela loves being a pharmacist and helping people, she loves that she can work part time and put that time and energy into loving her boys. She takes great care of the house and enjoys gardening. It is difficult to get her to come inside from the garden on warm summer nights. She loves photography and has a great eye for beauty. Sometimes it seems that she can never take enough pictures of her family. Adela would be the first to tell you that she is not perfect, but her imperfections keep her grounded and her faith in God keeps her humbled. She has the heart of a servant, the soul of a warrior and the face of a queen. She will make an amazing mom to a little girl or two. She teaches and mentors young ladies at our church and each one has grown from spending time with Adela. Adela's heart longs for a daughter, a precious princess to raise into a strong, sweet young lady. There is no better place for a little girl than right here with Adela.