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Meet Adela and Jeremy

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About Jeremy

I am first and foremost a Christian, saved by grace. I love being a husband and father. My greatest joy is leading my family. I have been blessed with two amazing sons and an incredible wife. I also love working in my dream job as a Physician Assistant. Helping people heal brings me a sense of purpose and joy. I enjoy serving at our church in the children's ministry and the worship team. I am looking forward to using my medical training to do ministry alongside my family. I love to go camping with my family as well as playing guitar, doing taekwondo, and fishing with my boys.

A Note From Adela

I feel deeply blessed that the Lord brought Jeremy into my life. He is an incredibly loving husband and really truly cares that my needs are being met. He shows his love to me by working hard to provide for our family, by helping me around the house, and caring for our boys. He is a sweetheart and provides such stability emotionally and spiritually to our family. He loves the Lord with all his heart and wants to live a life that pleases Him. He has such a fun personality and he always makes me smile. He is my best friend. I can share my heart with him and he is always supportive, loving and kind. I feel blessed that my boys have such an amazing role model to follow. I could not have asked for a better daddy for them. He loves to play with them and spend quality time with each boy. He loves the outdoors, going camping and fishing.

He is creative, very smart and knowledgeable. He is also very compassionate with people around him especially the patients he treats on a daily basis at the clinic. He plays guitar and loves to lead others in worship. He also loves to teach others from God's word.