Meet Alysa and Jose

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We want to first sincerely thank you for taking the time to get to know us, our family and our story. We can only imagine the challenging process you are going through and the decisions that lie ahead. We want you to know that we truly admire your courage in this process and the unconditional love you are showing through considering adoption for your child. We hope that through seeing our story and learning about our life that you find comfort in how much love we, and our families, are prepared to give a child.

As we prepare for this journey, we have reflected on what has gotten us here; we met through being mentors to children, we have been blessed with thirteen nieces and nephews and 8 godchildren that we are very close to, and our journey to conceive has not been successful. We now know that all these moments along the way were preparing us for this journey. Our hearts are so full and we are beyond excited for this opportunity.

We commit to you and your child, a promise. We promise that we will never let a day go by without telling them how loved they are. We will always be by their side helping them be the best person they can be - whoever that may be! To celebrate the milestones and successes, give good hugs when times are tough and always ensure that life is full of happiness and joy. We promise that they will always understand that their adoption was based in love from start to forever. We promise that we will communicate with them openly and honestly about the dynamics of their family and all that makes them them. We promise that your child will know and understand your courage and your love. We promise to love them forever and always.