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Our names are Sarah & Andrew and we are hopeful adoptive parents from Columbus, Ohio. We are an active family who loves spending time together. We can often be found at the zoo, going for walks, visiting family in other states, playing at parks in our neighborhood, taking a family trip, or just in our backyard with neighborhood friends. We have two girls that are 3 years old and would love nothing more than a brother or sister. Andrew is an ICU & lung doctor and Sarah is a pediatric nurse but both feel that our marriage & family is the most important calling in our lives. We would love an open adoption in which your child grows up knowing you and the important role that you play in his or her life whether that involves letters, text messages, phone calls, or visits. We have been praying for the child that God has planned for our family for several years now. We cannot wait to meet, love, and welcome him or her into our hearts and family. Please feel free to explore our profile & get to know more about us. We hope to meet and get to know you as well and will continue to keep you in our prayers!


Sarah & Andrew