Meet Leighanne and Andrew

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Dear Someone Special

​It would be amazing to be considered as parents for your child. We hope this page helps you get to know us, we look forward to hearing from you.

We're Andrew and Leighanne. We met 15 years ago and live in Nassau County in NY. Leighanne works as a computer technician for a local school district and I work for the building department for local government. We have a small dog named Gibbs who believes everyone is a friend she hasn't met yet.

Family is everything to us and through the years together we have found that our definition of "family" has grown with the twelve nieces and nephews, three god children and the friends we've gathered along the way. We have been lucky and are grateful for each of the wonderful people in our lives. As an aunt, uncle, and godparents, we have spent as much time with the children in our lives as we could; laughing, and learning with and from each other. Being a part of all of their lives has left us happy, but without the family we hoped to have together. We dream of the day we find our missing piece.

So what makes "us" who we are? A lot of love, patience and a ton of communication. But it's not enough to just say that is it? How do you sum up the likes and fears someone has? I'm afraid of never having the family we wanted, but not afraid to find the family we're supposed to be. In that journey we support each other and do our best to never give up hope that we will be able to care for a child, to know what it is to earn those sleepless nights and be scared for them. Care for them. Be the people they need us to be and be worthy of this obligation you might trust us with. To make sure that this amazing little person has every opportunity we can give them and more. And to be the people you choose to be parents for your child.

Thank you for considering adoption and us,

Andrew & Leighanne