Meet Leighanne and Andrew

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About Our Family

We are "hopeful" parents-to-be, Andrew & Leighanne, accompanied by our faithful companion and fuzz, Gibbs. After finding each other, our journey through life has wound around to this point; where, through adoption, we find the family we haven't met yet.♥

We are surrounded and supported by a large family consisting of 15 nieces and nephews, 5 amazing and loving parents who are looking forward to becoming grandparents, incredible siblings, friends who are the family we were lucky enough to find, aunts, uncles, and cousins. All these people are there for us. They live and laugh with us. They are honest and loving and continue to push us to do our best and help us to try and achieve our dreams. They keep us honest with ourselves and keep us sane when the road less traveled becomes the only one you can walk. They are the people who have made us into the people we are today.

Our evenings are filled with heart-warming laughter and compassion. We talk about our days and our issues, have dinner and do what we love the most: spending time together. We love light-hearted entertainment; usually you will find a Pixar or animated movie on the TV or a documentary that broadens our horizons to places we have only dreamed about. We play board games, cards and, of course, spending time with our pup! The scents coming out of the kitchen are amazing as Andrew cooks up delicious meals for us to enjoy. On the weekends, we love taking day trips to visit family and friends, spending time getting in some sunshine at local parks, just enjoying the time together. We do our best to make the life we live together is balanced in spite of what life throws at us.