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Meet Ashley and Justin

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We have incredible respect for you and the path you are walking right now. While we don't know what it is like to be in your shoes, we want to walk this path by your side. You and yours will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we wish you the very, very, VERY best in the days ahead.

Before we close out, we want to leave you our hearts in the form of a few solemn promises we can make. We don't know what all life holds in the future, but these things we feel we can guarantee.


• Your child will be loved unconditionally their whole life through!

• Your child will be taught to love and respect those around them. They will be taught that diversity is beautiful, and our similarities and differences are what make the world go round.

• Your child will be taught about their Savior and Heavenly Father. They will be taught that He is their ultimate safe haven and source of love, guidance, and peace.

• They will always be told and reminded just how much YOU love them!

• You will always be treated with the respect and dignity you deserve.

• We will work together to create levels of openness and opportunities for relationships as we both feel comfortable and life circumstances evolve.

You are amazing, and we hope dearly for the chance to get to know each other better. Take care of yourself, and we hope to talk with you soon.

With love and gratitude,

Ashley and Justin