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Meet Ashley and Chris

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About Ashley

Ashley is 30 years, she works for a major hospital as a medical assistant. She loves to read, sewing and doing al kinds of crafts. She loves going to Disneyland with Chris and taking there two dogs to the park/beach.

A Note From Chris

Ashley is by far the most amazing woman I have ever met! She is so strong, caring and a loving person. She always goes out of her way to show the people she loves that she loves them. She is amazing with children, she always is kind and patient with them. When we were going through our infertility treatment she awed me- she was going through the hardest time of her life but yet she still

Managed to keep a smile on her face and stay positive. She is the strongest women I know! The one thing I’m 100000000% certain of is the she was meant to be a mother