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Meet Kimberley and Grant

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Thank you for taking some time to get to know us. We are at such a loss for words when we think about you and the decision you are making. We cannot imagine how challenging this must be and we are so thankful for your courage in making this decision. You will forever be one of the bravest people we know. We are praying for you to have peace, clarity and wisdom as you navigate this process.

We would love an opportunity to meet with you and get to know you! If you were to choose us, we would welcome you to be a part of our family's life and continue to have a relationship with your child. In our home we believe in loving each other wholly for who that person is, we encourage one another, cheer each other on in hopes and dreams and support each other. We believe every person is valuable and worthy of love. We believe in speaking truth and offering grace. This is the life your child would be welcomed into and we would be honored to welcome you in as well.