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Bryan and I both feel that any expectant parent who places their child for adoption is a brave and caring person. We recognize that just because your child is taken care of doesn't mean that you will forget them or stop thinking of them. We would love to build a relationship with our child's birthparents by sending pictures, letters, posting online, phone/face time calls and having visits. When our child is old enough to make informed decisions on their own we will encourage them to continue to build that relationship. We believe that it would be best for our child to truly find out where they came from and what their biological family is like. Our child will always know they were adopted, they will know about their birthparents and they will know that they made a brave and loving decision. Our child's birthparents will be loved by our family.

When I (Suzanne) was in High School a good friend of mine found herself in the situation of becoming a birthmother. I saw how much she loved the child she carried, I saw how hard her decision was. I also saw the joy she felt when she received pictures of her child and got letters telling her how her child was doing. She was young and had a lot of life ahead of her, she knew that the best thing for her child would be to grow up in a family with two parents who were ready to welcome a baby into their lives. I knew then that I would love to adopt a child, I wanted to create a home for the baby and a solution to the mother's plight. I know that my experience with my friend really solidified in my mind the blessing that adoption can be.

If our child's birthparents choose a closed adoption we will respect that also. Our child will still know that they were adopted and lovingly placed into our arms. If they later decide they want to open the adoption we will always be available. I know that for some people to move on with their lives they need to feel closure and close the door on the possibility of an open adoption. I respect that and will support them silently through teaching our child to love and cherish their birthparents.

We have a great love for children in our home. Bryan is a pediatrician specifically so he can interact with and serve children. We work in the nursery of our church and love the time we have with the little children singing and playing. We also volunteer once a week at an inner city church taking care of children while their parents/guardians are in prayer meeting. This situation has taught me a lot about the influences of the world on little children and has again reconfirmed my desire to have a happy and healthy home for my little ones to flourish.