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Meet Christopher and John

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About Our Family

We are Chris & John, a loving couple together for 10 years and happily married for 6 years. We live on a cul-de-sac, surrounded by children in the suburbs of Long Island, N.Y.

In 2018 our family grew by 1 with he adoption of our son, Noah. He just turned one and it has been the best year of our lives! It is our hope to give Noah a brother or sister so they will always have each other.

A little about ourselves, we have stable jobs with great benefits. Chris has been with the New York City Fire Department for 19 years and John is a retail store manager with 12 years experience working for a Fortune 500 company. Together we love to travel, spend time in the great outdoors and frequent get togethers with our family.

Combined we have a large extended family which includes 12 nieces/nephews, ranging in ages from 2 years to 23 years old. Whether it’s monster truck races, trips to the water park or a day at the aquarium, we truly love being around children.

We are very much ready for the challenges, responsibilities and joys of parenthood. We can provide a loving and compassionate home for your child and would feel blessed for the opportunity. We would raise your child with love and respect and he or she would truly be the center of our world.

We would respect your needs during your difficult journey and would be by your side to assist in any way possible.